Evolution Cloth Sanding Belts for the Precision File Sander.
Ideal for Wood, Metal and Plastics.

There are 3 packs available to choose from:
80 grade, 100 grade and 120 grade.
Eack pack contains 3 belts sanding belts.

The type of grade depends upon the coarseness (particle size) of the grit embedded in the cloth.

As an approximate guide;
The 80 grade belts are for sanding steel, solid wood, chipboard and paint removal. 100 grade belts are suited for plastics and acrylics and 120 grade belts are ideal for veneered wood. The coarser paper grades remove the unwanted material faster and with less effort.

Precision file 80 grade and 100 grade belt dimensions: 13mm x 457mm
Precision file 120 grade belt dimensions: 9mm x 457mm

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