Evolution RAGE4 185mm Chop Saw

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Easier to use than a hacksaw and far more portable than a cut off saw; the award winning RAGE4 Advan-Saw will easily cut Steel, Aluminium, Wood and Plastic, using just one blade

Utilising RAGE® technology the cut is fast and clean. When cutting steel the machine cuts cold (no coolant is required) producing no burr and very few sparks, leaving the material instantly workable.

The RAGE4 is the perfect tool for slicing through threaded bar, bolt trimming and other small awkward applications; plus it has the ability to cut through 4 x 2 planed timber and reclaimed timber riddled with nails and screws.

Why would you buy a saw that only cuts steel?
When you can buy a RAGE4® Advan-Saw

The instruction manual for this tool can be found here.
The parts diagram for this tool can be found here.

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RAGE4 185mm Advan-Saw

Code: RAGE41851 (110v) & RAGE41852 (230v)
Price: £129.98 inc VAT

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Motor (Available in 110v or 230v): 1250 Watt. Maximum Box Section (3mm Wall 90°): 45 x 45mm. Maximum Box Section (3mm Wall 45°): 45 x 45mm. Max Rectangle (3mm Wall 90°): 46 x 97mm. Max Rectangle (3mm Wall 45°): 46 x 46mm. Max Round (3mm Wall 90°): 45mm Dia. Max Round (3mm Wall 45°): 45mm Dia. Speed (No Load): 3500min-1. Machine Weight: 8.7kg. Product Dimensions (HxWxL): 375mm x 250mm x 480mm. Recommended Maximum Duty Cycle: 30 mins. Sound Pressure Level (Under Load): 100.8 dB(A). Vibration Level (No Load): 1.42m2.

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