225mm Hand Held Dry Wall Sander

plus 24 sanding discs

Sanding drywall is tedious, dusty work. However if you do it right, you'll be rewarded with a great-looking paint job that will make all your effort worthwhile. With a powerful 1050W motor, whether you are sanding joints in plasterboard or removing old finishes, this purpose-made, 1500-2300min-1 variable-speed 225mm Hand-held Dry Wall Sander tackles the job up to ten times faster than conventional methods!*

The unique, integrated dust extraction system means there is no need to buy an expensive, additional dust extraction machine, as all the dust is simply extracted by the power tool itself. Simply connect the hose and dust bag; no vacuum cleaner is needed as the machine can remove dust by itself! Saving you time and money.

Sometimes the joints between dry wall panels need skimming with plaster to produce an undetectable joint. When dry this plaster skim may require sanding to produce the flat, even surface which is required for painting. The sanding head is sprung loaded, and the sanding pad flexible, allowing efficient operation on walls and surfaces that are not perfectly smooth. The sanding head is also fitted with a suction regulator that allows the operator to vary the degree of suction, making the sanding process easier and less tiring.

Airborne dust and particles can present a risk to health and safety. This Dry Wall Sander extracts dust very efficiently through a circle of 8 holes located on the base of the sanding pad and also at the edge, as the arrows indicate. This enables dust to be extracted right at the source and ducted through the unique, integrated internal dust extraction system - right through to the hose and connecting dust bag! Therefore it's very safe for the operator and a pleasure to use, with minimal dust hazards.

The Dry Wall Sander has a belt clip which enables quick and easy attachment of the carry belt when necessary, ideal when going up and down ladders as pictured. A selection of sanding discs is included in a variety of grades, ideal for achieving a superior finish for your walls! All sanding discs are quick-and-easy to attach using a 'hook and loop' system. A hose and dust bag is also supplied for use with the unique integrated dust extraction system, for a safe and dust-free working environment.

*Evolution's internal test data.

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Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 230v
Power: 1050W
Weight: 2.8kg