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  • BLACKTIP 250mm Fine Cut Blade

    The BLACKTIP® range is the ultimate in wood cutting TCT technology. They will also cut wood riddled with nails, with no effort at all.

    Each blade comes equipped with bore reducers (30, 25, 20, & 16mm), so they will fit any brand and any type of saw.

    • Cuts Nail Embedded Wood • 1.5mm Ultra Thin Blade
    • R20 Hollow Face Provides Better Dust Flow
    • Anti-Kickback System*
    • Super Non-Stick Coating
    • Advanced Dust Elimination System
    • C-3 Sub-micro Hi-density Carbide
    • Standard Wood Cutting Blade HRA 91.0

    *Blacktip blades fit saw brands with a flange 32mm or greater.

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      Code: BLKTIP25060 (250mm Fine Cut 60T Blade)

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      *Blacktip blades fit all saw brands. Not to be used on Evolution branded multipurpose saws.
    Blacktip High Speed Cutting Blades Specifications
    Blade SizeApplicationTeethBoreKerfRPM
    185mm / 7-1/4"Rip Cut2430/25/20/16mm1.5mm / .059"7200
    190mm / 7-1/2"Rip Cut2430/25/20/16mm1.7mm / .067"7200
    216mm / 8-1/2"Rip Cut2430/25/20/16mm1.7mm / .067"7000
    250mm / 9-3/4"Rip Cut3630/25/20/16mm2.2mm / .086"6800
    254mm / 10"Rip Cut3630/25/20/16mm2.2mm / .086"6800
    Blacktip Ultra Fine Precision Cutting Blades Specifications
    Blade SizeApplicationTeethBoreKerfRPM
    185mm / 7-1/4"Fine Cut4030/25/20/16mm1.5mm / .059"7200
    190mm / 7-1/2"Fine Cut4030/25/20/16mm1.7mm / .067"7200
    216mm / 8-1/2"Fine Cut4830/25/20/16mm1.7mm / .067"7000
    250mm / 9-3/4"Fine Cut6030/25/20/16mm2.2mm / .086"6800
    254mm / 10"Fine Cut6030/25/20/16mm2.2mm / .086"6800